Single-Use Plastics to Protect

By June 11, 2020Plastics
Plastics prevent spread pandemic

With the pandemic still lingering on, more and more people switch from reusable to disposable plastic packaging. This is because single-use plastics can protect consumers from the deadly virus.

Disposables include items such as plastic containers, bags, cutlery, and many more. After being used, these products need to either go in the trash or in the recycle bin.

Single-Use Plastics to Protect

After doing research, scientists claim that it is risky to use reusable shopping bags. As consumers oftentimes don’t sanitize them properly, it can cause contamination. So that makes single-use bags more effective.

Even environmentalists understand the importance of disposable plastics during this crisis. As it will save people’s lives. And that is what counts most, at least for now.

single-use plastic gloves

Disposables and the Environment

Unfortunately, we see more and more disposable items, such as masks and plastic gloves, tossed alongside the road. Remember that anything thrown in our environment can end up in our oceans. And that’s where it will become a hazardous material.

Whether we live in a pandemic or not, it is our responsibility to take care of our planet. Although cheap, plastic is a valuable material that can be reprocessed into new products. So don’t let it go to waste!

Plastic to protect Frontline Workers

single-use plastics in the medical industryA large portion of produced plastic goes to the medical industry. You will see it all over every healthcare facility. PPE materials, plastic vials, tools, and flexible poly like bags or tubing are found widespread.

Also, the food industry uses a lot of polyethylene packaging. Items such as single-use containers and bags are essential in the food delivery service.

Grocery stores, that have cashiers constantly working on the front line, urge everyone to use store-provided bags. It keeps both shoppers and their own staff members safe.

“Socializing in a Pandemic, Protected by Plastic” – by the Atlantic

TDI Custom Packaging Solutions

Team TDI manufactures many single-use packaging products. Here are a few examples.

Specimen Bag

Specimen Bag

Lip and Tape Bag

This type of bag has permanent tape attached to the top portion. Once you take off the adhesive strip and seal the bag, you cannot reopen it. The only way to get to the contents is by ripping it apart. So that guarantees one-time use only.

Specimen bags are an example of a lip and tape bag. They oftentimes have an extra pocket to keep paperwork organized.

Link: Specimen Bags

perforated tubing

Perforated Tubing

Poly Tubing

Our perforated tubing is an example of a plastic sleeve, that is used only a single time.

Link: Poly Tubing

More Poly Bags and Film

TDI extrudes a wide array of custom plastic packaging that is all made out of a flexible film.

It is not always easy to figure out what you need. Also, to create custom packaging can be very confusing. So please feel free to ask our friendly sales team for further assistance!

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