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By October 3, 2021seed grow bags
orange and black seed grow bags for nurseries

TDI’s small seed grow bags are a popular item amongst local nurseries and greenhouses. They are explicitly formulated to protect small seeds during their first stages of life.

These flexible containers are not only effective in stimulating healthy plant growth, but they also offer many other benefits. And the low price tag is hard to beat, especially since they are made here in the USA.

Why do seeds need extra protection?image of a seedling in a hand

Tiny seeds are still encapsulated in their shell but will break through its outer layer soon. Once the seed has sprouted, they become a seedling. They are extremely fragile in this “baby plant” stage.

Seeds can easily die if not properly taken care of. So, they need extra protection from outside influences such as rain, wind, or rodents. Also, they need the exact amount of water, oxygen, and heat to develop.

 How do TDI’s grow bags provide the basic essentials?

  • Water: Our grow bags contain drainage holes to prevent rotting while retaining enough moisture.
  • Oxygen: Your seeds will breathe comfortably through several punched vent holes.
  • Temperature: You can control the temperature with the right color polyethylene material.image of vent holes in orange seed grow bags

Advantages of Seed Grow Bags

Here is how TDI’s nursery seed bags will benefit you:

  • They are very economical and easy to replace.
  • As they fold flat, they will save on storage space.
  • The holes will prevent rotting while distributing enough oxygen.
  • These gusset nursery bags stand up straight once unfolded, like a regular pot.
  • You can fully customize them with the proper gauge, size, material, and more. image of a black plant bag with a seedling

Environmental Benefits

And here’s how the environment can benefit from them:

  • Due to the thin plastic material, it takes less energy to produce them. In other words; they leave a fewer carbon footprint.
  • Also, seed bags are so lightweight, that it takes less fuel during transportation compared to heavier, rigid containers.
  • Furthermore, they are fully recyclable and oftentimes reusable.image of a hand holding a plant and the globe to symbolize sustainability “Plastics – The Sustainable Choice” >>

Seed Grow Bags for Nurseries

Flexible containers for nurseries are designed for outdoor use. Here are a few popular sizes that we may or may not have available:

#1: 2” x 1½” x 9½” x .003 (1000/2500/cs)

#2: 2½” x 2” x 9½” x .003 (1000/2500/cs)

You might opt for a heavier gauge, depending on use and field conditions. Although the standard color is black, we can print other colors as well.

image of black and orange seed grow bags

Seed Grow Bags for Greenhouses

Greenhouse containers are made for indoor use only.  Please check to find out if we have the following sought-after sizes on hand:

2½” x 2” wide x 9½” long x .003 mil for larger seeds

2” x 1½” wide x 9½” long x .003 mill for smaller seeds

Both sizes include 24 to 32 drainage holes per bag. Although the standard color is black, you may request other colors as well.

 Other Flexible Plant Bags from TDI

Besides seed bags, TDI also manufactures the ever-so-popular plant bags and tree sleeves.

Click here to visit our website for more information about our Nursery Bags >>

image of a hemp nursery with plant grow bags

Our nursery bags are currently used by numerous nurseries and greenhouses on the west coast. For example, hemp growers, pistachio nurseries, citrus orchards, and even horticultural flower growers all use these effective flexible containers.

image of black plastic plant bagsRequest Your Free Nursery Sample Pack

Here at TDI, we understand that everyone has different needs. That is why we specialize in custom plastic packaging, that fits your specific demands.

Besides our standard stock items, we also offer many variations. To get more details or receive free samples, please contact our dedicated team.

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