Why Recycling Plastic Packaging remains so Important

a hand holding a green globe symbolizing we need to refocus on recycling plastic packaging

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on the US recycling industry. However, there are many reasons why recycling plastic packaging remains so important. The need to reuse is possibly more urgent now than ever before.

The main reason to recycle is to reduce the ever-growing waste that seems out of control. But there are other, lesser-known advantages to upping our recycling efforts.

The Benefits of Recycling Plastic Packaging

The EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) has posted a list of important benefits:

  1. We create less waste (of course).
  2. By recycling, we conserve natural resources because we use less raw materials.
  3. And by reusing domestic materials, we improve our economic security.
  4. There is less pollution since we process fewer virgin poly resins.
  5. Energy is saved because we produce fewer new products.
  6. Importantly, we create more jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries.

EPA: ‘Recycling delivers reduced greenhouse gases, creates jobs, and returns materials to manufacturers which reduces the need for new materials.”

The Basics of Recycling

The internet provides many resources of information, but it takes time to find and study them. So to make it easier, here are a few links with basic information.

It is helpful to know what those recycling symbols mean:

>> Good Housekeeping: ‘What do Recycling Symbols on Plastics Mean?’

In the end, it all starts at home. So knowing what to do with used plastics is very important:

>> earth easy: ‘ Recycling Basics for the Home”Recycle Trash Can

Earth Day ~ Every Day

Think about it; we eat and breathe from the earth’s resources. So if we take good care of our planet, we basically take care of ourselves and our well-being. Makes sense?

Earth Day has posted various activities we can participate in to help save our planet:

>> Earth Day 2021

Innovative Solutions to Recycling Plastic Packaging

Not only can we help by recycling more, but some find new solutions that could make a big impact.

>> TerraCycle is a social enterprise aiming to “Eliminate the Idea of Waste.” They collect used packaging and teach companies how to make packaging more sustainable. Right now, they have partnerships with major corporations such as Nestle for their own recycling program.

These days, you will find all kinds of recycled plastics that are being rebuilt and embedded in construction materials. >> For example, TechniSoil uses recycled plastic bottles to repave California highways.

Film Extrusion in a Responsible Way

recycling plastic packaging scrap

typical scrap materials at TDI

TDI cares about the environment. As plastic extruders, we feel responsible for our planet and especially how we leave it behind for the next generation.

Here are some things we do to be sustainable:

  • TDI either recycles or reuses all excess polyethylene film, so nothing goes to waste.
  • At your request, we will use reprocessed poly in the manufacturing process.
  • Team TDI keeps our facilities extra clean so that no waste ends up in our oceans.
  • We always recommend our partners recycle their used plastic film and bags.

Plastic Packaging ExtrusionQuality Custom Packaging

While TDI cares about the quality of our planet, we also highly value the quality of our own industrial packaging products. And the service that comes along with it.

QUALITY is a big word for us as it goes a long way back. After more than 45 years of running a successful family business, we understand what it takes to provide excellence.

>> Please call TDI today to get your free quote.  We are here to provide you with the best quality and service, in a most responsible way!

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