Why you should buy custom packaging locally


There are many reasons why you should buy custom packaging locally versus overseas. Long-distance purchases can be very challenging in many ways.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, we already experienced long lead times and poor quality. But now, while in the midst of the pandemic, we are confronted with issues that extend far beyond the “normal” circumstances. What are these critical concerns we’re talking about?

Before the Pandemic:

Long Lead Times

Logically, it takes much longer to ship packaging products from a distant country than from the USA.

Poor Quality

It is not easy to monitor the quality of a custom product from afar. Besides, we don’t know what the local standards are for quality control or labor conditions.

Difficult Communication

Due to different time zones, you might find it difficult to call during US business hours. Furhermore, the language barrier can result in poor communication.

During the Pandemic:

Currently, additional problems in international shipping have caused an even more chaotic situation.

import challenges shown with an image of container ships by the port of LAExtremely Long Lead Times

Backlogs in processing incoming container ships lead to major delivery delays. Especially in the port of Los Angeles, which is the #1 trading partner with Asia, it manifests in serious bottlenecks.

gcaptain.com “SoCal Port Backlog Continues as Imports Surge Through March”  >> read more

On top of that, we are facing a worldwide container shortage because imports from Asian countries far exceed exports.

Ship Technology “Global shipping container shortage: the story so far”  >> read more

Major Price Hikes In Shipping Costs

All this causes major price increases for global transportation; clients may have to pay 3 times or more than they normally do.

Buy Custom Packaging Locally

If you’re considering whether to have your custom plastic bags and film manufactured here in the United States or abroad, we’d like you to consider an American manufacturer. Here are some major benefits:

  • Ease of Communicationtext "APPROVED"
  • Faster Turnaround Times
  • Monitored Quality Control
  • US High-Quality Standards
  • Better Service
  • Lower Freight Costs

“It is so important to source a reliable, local manufacturer who will do all the right things.”

How Sourcing Domestically Benefits Us:

Create Jobs

Having your custom packaging supplier located here will create jobs. As a result, it stimulates the local economy. And that benefits all Americans.

text "MADE IN THE USA"Collect U.S. Taxes

Additionally, domestic manufacturers pay U.S. taxes. As you know, these taxes can be used to fund important projects or developments. So that too helps us all.

Increase Consumer Confidence

By acquiring American-made products, consumers will become more confident about the strength of the US economy. Besides, it shows that as a nation, we can be independent of others.

Why Buy Custom Packaging from TDI

To prevent major challenges with your plastic packaging orders, sourcing them locally is still your best bet. And this is especially true when it concerns custom products, like the made-to-order poly bags and film we manufacture here at TDI.

text 'BEST QUALITY"Excellent Quality & Service

Great customer service is what you need to get a quality packaging product. We guarantee that at TDI, you’ll be dealing directly with one of us for all your inquiries — and we’re friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful!

The TDI Advantage in Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging with faster lead times, lower minimums and excellent service

To top it off, TDI offers lower minimum orders, faster turnaround times, and better service than most large US manufacturers. So that is a whole lot better than buying from overseas, and more.

Find out how you can benefit from our quality custom poly bags and film. Ask for your free quote today!

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