Why Quality in Custom Packaging?

quality custom plastic packaging

When searching for quality in custom packaging, it’s not always easy to find. Oftentimes there’s many suppliers, but most will not fit the bill.

As we all know, the global supply chain crisis has created a slew of challenges for companies, such as supplier issues and long lead times. But why do we need to hold on to the quality aspect in tailor-made goods?

Why Quality in Custom Packaging?

With increasing costs, some companies go for lower-cost, subpar products, just to maintain their profits. But will this strategy pay off? Won’t they risk losing a customer or two?

If you have a long-term business strategy, it’s best to choose for quality, no matter what. It will give you the opportunity to build a solid reputation as a reliable supplier.

What Does TDI Define As Quality?

At TDI it entails a lot more than just the quality status of your uniquely designed product. You could describe it as the “overall quality experience’ that comes with it.

So, what does TDI define as ‘quality’ in all of its custom packaging bags and film?

A Reputation for Quality in Custom Packagingimage of a production worker making quality custom packaging

It must give you peace of mind to know who manufactured your products. TDI is a trusted company with a long history of 48 years of success in manufacturing.

“You and your team killed it. You delivered ahead of schedule and the customer was very happy. Can’t wait to work with you again.” (a major distributor)

With excellent service, bundled with faster turnaround times and lower minimum order requirements, we’ve built a solid customer base. Although we’re smaller-sized, TDI has the agility to act fast to get you the products you need.

American Made Poly Bags & Film

image of a flag printed on the USA to represent 'made in the USA"Sourcing from a domestic manufacturer that only produces US-made packaging products has its advantages.

There’s no long lead times, no steep shipping costs, and communication is at its best. And of course, you will help the local economy thrive.

Additionally, TDI Custom Packaging has to adhere to strict American quality standards and labor laws. All of our prime resin materials are sourced here in the USA.

Article SDC: “Just-in-Time Supply Chains Have to Evolve to Manage Ongoing Disruptions” >>>

TDI Cares

In addition to the quality of custom poly film, TDI also cares about the well-being of everyone involved. It’s important that we treat our partners, as well as our internal staff with the utmost respect. Team TDI treats everyone as if they’re family.

image of a tree with core values for TDI manufacturing quality custom packagingWe have built strong roots from our core values ‘FOR TDI’, that are implemented throughout our organization. They reflect the quality and service our team stands for.

The Environment

Not only do we respect every human being we interact with, but we also take pride in caring for the environment.  At TDI we believe that whatever we put out there, comes back at us.

Our team contributes to the greater good by keeping our facility clean, by minimizing our carbon footprint, and by recycling or reusing all materials. It’s because we want to create a better environment for generations to come.

Vision: “To be a Reliable and Quality Partner of Specialized Plastic Packaging Solutions”

TDI’s Quality Custom Packaging Solutions

Our values reflect the quality and service we stand for in our specialized poly bags and film. It is an assurance that you can rely on Team TDI. 

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