Product Spotlight: Specimen Bags

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What is a Specimen Bag?

A specimen bag is a flat poly bag specifically designed to store lab test results and keep them protected from leaks or contamination.

These types of bags are used by medical testing and research labs at facilities such as hospitals, environmental agencies, and universities. Other common names used for these poly bags are Laboratory Sample Bags or Biohazard Specimen Bags.

Main Features of TDI’s Lab Specimen Bags


Specimen Bags

One of TDI’s Double-Bagged Specimen Bags

A Separate Compartment:

TDI’s Specimen Bags contain one compartment for test samples as well as a separate pocket for accompanying paperwork.

This extra pouch keeps documentation separated from the actual specimen, so it stays dry and clean. Also, it keeps paper files organized for easy access.

Special Handling Instructions:

Our poly bags have clear printed instructions on the outside, either on one side or on both sides. This makes it easy for staff to know what steps to take to process lab results. It greatly reduces the possibility of making errors in handling these delicate substances.

A Biohazard Symbol:

A biohazard symbol creates immediate identification for federal and OSHA requirements. Also, it is a clearly recognizable sign for staff to handle its contents with utmost care.

Specimen Bags


The sturdy poly material that these bags are made out of preventing leaks. It protects the specimen from outside contaminants such as dirt, dust, or moisture. On the other hand, it also prevents accidental infection with a virus or infectious diseases, such as HIV or measles.

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Optional Features of TDI’s Specimen Bags

  • A lip tape bag with an adhesive closure provides an extra-strong seal to prevent leakage.
  • Our poly bags are customizable with your company logo, text, and instructions printed on one side or both sides.
  • Please ask us about additional customizations, such as related to size, gauge, the color of the bag, and more.
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Specimen Bags in Manufacturing

Specimen Film During the Converting Process


Why Choose TDI for your custom plastic packaging?



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