Product Spotlight: Side Weld Poly Bag

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As we all know, custom plastic bags come in all types and styles. But one of the more popular items is the side weld poly bag.

This product starts out as a centerfold film, which is then heat-sealed on two sides. So it has one opening, usually on the top.

Bottom sealed versus side sealed

TDI’s plastic bags are either heat-sealed on the bottom or on the sides.┬áIn this current article, we will focus on the side weld poly bag only.

specimen bag

a side weld lab specimen bag

Benefits of a Side Weld Poly Bag

This product is great for most light to medium-duty applications. However, it is not suitable for heavy uses. Heavier items work best with strong bottom sealed bags.

There are tons of possible uses for this type of bag. This versatility is what makes it a much sought-after packaging solution.

Here at TDI, we have several customized options available for this type of bags, such as a lip bag with or without tape, or an easy-open tear bag, and many more. Click here for an overview of our custom packaging capabilities.


Here are a few examples where side weld poly bags are being used:

  • poly bags for various food items, such as candy or bakery products
  • box and trash liners
  • specimen bags for laboratory use

Technical specifications

TDI’s side weld poly bags have the following specifications:

  • It is heat-sealed down the length on two sides.
  • Bag clarity options are clear, colored, or frosted plastic.
  • A choice of resin material: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, recycled resins, or a mix.
  • Additives like EVA or EMA are available.
  • Sizes that are available: LDPE width 1″ – 42″, length 5″ – 196″ | HDPE width 5″ – 38″, length 5″ – 196″
  • Print options we have: 1-2 colors on up to 2 sides, or 3-4 colors on 1 side

contact TDIWith this in mind, team TDI will customize all of your plastic packaging products to meet your specific needs. It is our specialty! Please check with our sales team for further details.

side weld poly bag

a side weld poly bag up-close

Examples of side weld poly bags

  • lay flat bag
  • bottom gusset bag
  • pocket bag
  • header bag
  • lip and tape bag & more

Examples of added features

  • perforations
  • tear notch
  • pocket bag (with an extra compartment)
  • header bag & more

Side Weld Poly Bags & more

As mentioned before, TDI offers many flexible packaging styles and features. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

Please take a look at the options we have available and make sure to ask our team for TDI’s line card! Line Card

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