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By January 25, 2020Gusset Bag
gusset bag

What is a Gusset Bag?

A gusset bag is a bag with expandable material. Once the so-called gusset is unfolded, it creates more volume. That’s what makes it most suitable for bulk or bulky items, especially those of varying, odd shapes.

Here at TDI, we manufacture custom poly bags. How your custom packaging will look like, depends on the application of your product and your individual needs.

Two main categories

We can make a distinction between two types:

  • SIDE GUSSET BAGS – have unfoldable material on both sides.
  • BOTTOM GUSSET BAGS – only has one expandable portion on the bottom.
side gusset bread bags

side gusset – bread bags

Side Gusset

Why would you choose a side gusset bag?

  • Two spreadable sides will adjust to the shape of its contents. In other words; it has a form-fitting feature.
  • It is made for bulky items, or products with irregular shapes, such as bread loaves or bakery products, arts & craft kits, nursery grow bags and many more.
  • Also, if they are used for display or need to be easily recognizable, these bags are oftentimes made out of clear plastic so the contents are clearly visible.
    side gusset bags

    side gusset – bags on a roll

Heavy-Duty Side Gusset

In many robust applications, you will need a solid, durable bag.  As the gauge size increases, so will the strength of the package. Examples of heavy-duty side gusset bags are box or bin liners, bags for hardware parts such as nuts and bolts, gusset bags for nursery supplies, and various others.

One of the many packaging products we produce here at TDI is our side gusset “handle bag” for special events like tradeshows or promotions.  Due to the heavy gauge, it will be sturdy enough to hold your company literature and promotional items.

Bottom Gusset

bottom gusset bag

a bottom gusset stands up straight

So why do some prefer bottom gusset bags?

  • These plastic bags expand on the bottom portion only.
  • Once filled, the bottom area becomes flat, so they can stand up straight.
  • Because of this feature, they look great on display. Colorful contents, such as jelly beans, make for an attractive display.
  • Bottom gusset bags are fit for bulk items, such as small hardware parts, nuts, candies, and various other products.

Benefits of Gusset Bags

  • Once not in use, they lay flat so they are easily stackable and therefor use less storage space.
  • Because of the extra material in the gusset, it increases the durability of the package.
  • Basically, gusset bags are not just practical, but they can also look great on display.
  • TDI’s custom packaging can either be reused if still in good condition or recycled.

>>Find a drop-off location for your recyclables here.

How TDI Can Help

TDI manufactures the gusset bags as described above and more. To create the best solution for your business, we will ask a number of questions pertaining to the contents and use of your future gusset bag.

Please contact Team TDI for a free consultation.  You will be glad that you asked for our assistance!

bottom gusset bags

a flat poly bag (left) fills up faster than a bottom gusset bag (right)

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