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By September 24, 2019Centerfold
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What does the term Centerfold mean in manufacturing?

The term “Centerfold” is a technical term used in the poly manufacturing industry. It simply refers to plastic sheeting that is folded in the center, so it creates a C-Fold. So, logically, another name we use for centerfold is “C-Fold.”

What are the Benefits of C-Fold Sheeting?

It is suitable for various shapes

When each individual product has a different form or size, it is challenging to find a suitable poly bag with the right measurements. It is obvious here that one size does not fit all.

clear centerfold film folded over with blue blocks and text printed on it

custom centerfold

Then centerfold film is a great solution. In that case, the end-user will be able to build their own custom-fit package.  By simply sealing the open side of the centerfold at the desired spot, they create a poly bag that perfectly encases their product.

It is easier to store

C-Fold sheeting makes it more convenient to store larger or wider-sized film, since it takes up less storage space.

It is cost-saving

Furthermore, the price tag for this plastic packaging product is lower, as the manufacturing process is more basic than with plastic bags.

Popular Applications

blue centerfold sheeting folded over and open on one side

blue centerfold sheeting

Many retail stores use this type of film to seal and package their own items, such as bakery products, electronics, and more.

Other industries, such as industrial companies, use centerfold for odd-shaped products, or items with varying shapes.

TDI’s Centerfold Capabilities

We manufacture sheeting of various shapes, gauges, and sizes with your logo and text printed.

In addition, we can use different colors for the actual film, and up to four colors printed on one or two sides of your custom plastic bag.

Other TDI Capabilities

Besides C-Fold, TDI manufactures a large variety of other custom plastic bags and film.

Find out about TDI’s Capabilities here.


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