Product Spotlight: Bottom Seal Bags

By December 11, 2019Bottom Seal Bags
bottom seal bags

Bottom Seal Bags

TDI has been in the custom plastic packaging business for more than 45 years, successfully providing our customers with excellent quality and service. We manufacture poly bags, film, and tubing.

All of our poly bags are heat-sealed, either at the bottom or on both sides of the film.   The location of the seal is determined by how the packaging will be used.

Bottom Seal Bags Versus Side Seal Bags

For those of you who need flexible packaging for heavy-duty applications, our bottom seal bags will be your best bet.

Although side seal bags are a great solution for many uses, they might not be strong enough to hold heavier items such as cement, pebbles, or metal screws.

bottom seal bags

Custom Film On Demand

TDI manufactures a wide range of bottom seal bags; from simple, straightforward looking ones to more involved products.

Also, we can add certain features for improved functionality. Here are some examples of how TDI can customize your film:

  • add a side pocket, side gussets, a perforated line, vented holes
    drawing of a side gusset

    drawing of a side gusset

  • create custom sizes, colors, and gauges
  • mix a specific blend of different resin material
  • display your custom print or company logo
  • and many more options!

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Common Applications

Here are some examples of bottom seal bags:

  • Box liners
  • Trash bags
  • Heavy-duty bags for small hardware parts such as for bolt, nuts, screws
  • Leak-tight packaging for household use, as for dough mix
  • Bags for the nursery industry with potting mix or plant bags for live plants
  • Strong packaging to hold cement mix as in construction

Materials used for Bottom Seal Bags

Heavy-duty bags can be manufactured with different types of resin:

  • HDPE – High-Density Polyethylene
  • LDPE = Low-Density Polyethylene
  • LLDPE = Linear Low-Density Polyethylene
  • A mix of resins including reprocessed (recycled) material

Certain additives add specific characteristics to the packaging, such as EVA, which creates gloss, softness, and flexibility.

Click here for more information about HDPE and LDPE

Technical Jargon

It is helpful to understand a few technical terms before you place your order.

  • A skirt is the thin strip of plastic material below the seal of a bottom seal bag.
  • Upseal is the term used to describe the usable space inside a plastic bag. This measurement does not include the seal or the skirt.
  • A flat poly bag is a basic plastic bag with either a bottom seal or two side seals. Another name for this product is a flat bag.
  • A gusset is a section of a bag containing extra plastic material that is folded. The gusset expands once unfolded so it creates extra space.
  • A lip is a plastic flap that sticks out at a certain location of a packaging bag.

How to Measure a Bottom Seal Bag

So you might think: What’s so difficult about measuring poly film, right?

Even though it might sound simple, errors are easily made without the proper calculations. Besides length and width, the gauge is another important element.

Click on the chalkboard below to find out how to measure your film:

Measurements Custom Flat Poly Bag

Please ask us about the options we have available to completely customize your bottom seal bag. Once you have discussed all the details, you’ll be glad you did!

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