How Custom Poly Tubing Can Improve Lives

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Custom poly tubing has a tendency to improve people’s lives. It might not always be obvious, but there are many ways that people benefit from this type of packaging.

First of all, what is flat poly tubing?

Poly is short for polyethylene or plastic material.  It is known as flat poly tubing since it folds flat on a roll. The film is flexible, lightweight and has openings on both ends.

What Is Its Purpose?

  • Custom poly tubing protects against leaking, spillage, dust or damage from weather conditions.
  • With its long elongated shape, it can guide and transfer all types of fluids, gases, or other materials.
  • It can be used for storage, display or transportation purposes.
  • Plastic tubing is perfect for long or odd-shaped products with the same width size.

How Poly Tubing Can Improve Lives

Here are a few examples of how this product can have an impact.

Poly Tubing To the Rescue

Issue:   On August 25, 2017, Harvey, a category 4 hurricane, made landfall in Texas, disrupting the lives of many Houston residents with massive flooding.

custom poly tubingTo prevent further casualties and being able to regain a normal life, local authorities had to drain these flooded areas fast and in the most economical way possible.

Solution:  With this in mind, TDI produced heavy-duty poly tubing. Due to its leak-proof and tear-resistant properties, it worked effectively.  Also, the rolls were easy to transport and set up.

⇒ Read the article of U.S. News here: Houston Marks Harvey Anniversary

Support For Medical Uses

Issue:  Our customer needed packaging for laboratory instruments and odd-shaped surgical tools. They had difficulty finding a local supplier who could manufacture good quality at a reasonable price.  Furthermore, it needed to be easy to open with contents clearly visible.

Solution:  So TDI created custom poly tubing made out of clear plastic with a slight color tint. Due to its clarity, contents were plainly visible while the color shades helped to distinguish between product categories. An added perforated strip could be ripped open in a split second.

custom poly tubing

example of perforated poly tubing

Significant Savings

Issue:  The high cost of custom plastic film can be detrimental for a small business on a tight budget. A wholesaler who sold products in bulk needed a packaging solution at a good rate.

Solution:  With TDI’s custom poly tubing, they were able to just insert their product, then cut and seal it at the right length.  It was the most economical way and gave this small business a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The Benefits of TDI’s Custom Poly Tubing

It Is Inexpensive

Since it has such a low price tag, our poly tubing allows you to use it as much as needed without having to worry about cost.

The Length Can Be Cut To Any Size

Poly tubing is perfect for long-shaped items or odd-shaped products with a similar width.

It is very easy to cut the length of the film and then close it on one or both ends. Since you use exactly the amount of material you need, it minimizes excess material and therefore reduces waste.

Complete Customization

  1. Our customers select the exact width, length and gauge they need.
  2. Also, our clients determine the type of resin, whether it is first-rate, a blend or if it includes recycled materials.
  3. At TDI, we will add special features such as anti-static, non-slip, linear low, perforations, and many more. Just ask!
  4. We will print your custom logos or text however you like it.

custom poly tubing

TDI’s Specifications

  • The gauge can be between 1 mil and 15 mils maximum.
  • The minimum required length is 5 inches (5”). However, TDI has no restrictions as it relates to the maximum length!
  • The width can be 1.25 inches (1.25”) minimum and 40 inches maximum (40”).

Industries We Serve 

Many industries such as construction, packaging, and medical companies use TDI’s custom plastic tubing. Since we have such a wide-range customer-base, we understand their varied needs.

Please feel free to ask us for a free quote today! Click on “Get A Free Quote!” or call team TDI at (714) 751-6782.

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