Poly Packaging: Buffet or A la Carte?

By November 9, 2022poly packaging
image of a fancy dining setting to represent custom poly packaging

What type of poly packaging would you like to have: one similar to a “Buffet” or an “A La Carte” dining experience?  Clearly, the choice you make determines the quality of the product you receive.

At TDI, we provide an extensive menu of “ingredients” that are customized to your personal requirements. So let’s compare the two options, just to be clear.

image of buffet food to represent stock poly packagingBuffet” Poly Packaging

Whenever you eat at a buffet restaurant, you probably notice the limited menu choices. Here, you are able to select from a row of dishes presented on warming platters.

Clearly, everything is made in advance for self-serve. Maybe it was reheated or overcooked? Of course that may affect the food quality.

And so it is with stock items in poly packaging: there’s only certain offerings with limited quantities. No customizations are possible. Also, the quality and service might not be up-to-par.

image of fancy dining setting to present custom poly packaging“A la Carte” Poly Packaging

With à la carte, you will dine at a nice sit-down restaurant where you can choose from a menu. There’s options to customize your plate to your own liking. 

In addition, a team of staff is available to provide you with excellent personal attention. They will accommodate any special requests, such as no salt, vegetarian, or gluten free. 

Overall, the food, quality, and service are all focused on giving you a delightful experience. 

Personalized, Unique Poly Packaging

At TDI, you will experience the same type of quality and service you’d expect from a nice dining establishment with à la carte offerings. 

Here, we offer completely customized packaging options with the extreme service and professionalism that you’d expect from a quality manufacturer. 

Undoubtedly, every poly film or bag product is uniquely made with the detailed care and attention that our partners deserve. Request a free quote here >>

Quality Poly Film StandardsEPA and AQMD logo standards for poly packaging

As a manufacturer, TDI sets high standards for polyethylene film. We only use FDA-approved resin material that has passed stringent EPA and AQMD guidelines.

In addition, TDI Custom Packaging processes quality prime resin. However, if requested, we can apply a blend of prime and recycled materials to suit your needs.


As always, team TDI is as eco-friendly as possible in all areas of the production process: extrusion, printing, and converting.

Accordingly, we commit to reuse or recycle all excess materials, to use water-based inks only, and to prevent pellet runoff to our oceans with a clean kept facility.

Guarantee In Custom Plastic Packaging

Obviously, we want to give our partners an excellent “à la carte” experience. For those who had “a cold turkey experience” somewhere else; they will love TDI’s commitment to quality and service. 

| “I have ordered large quantities of product from TDI since 2000. I have found TDI to be price competitive, professional and prompt with their delivery.”  ~ a distributor 

As it should be, our dedicated team always treats customer satisfaction as their top priority. It’s because your success is our success! 

Please feel free to contact us today for a free quote request >>

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