Plastic Seed Bags for Nurseries

By June 11, 2020Plant Bags
Plastic Seed Bags

TDI produces custom-made grow bags for either outdoor nurseries or indoor greenhouses. However, our plastic seed bags are only designed to protect and germinate seeds.

At its most fragile growth stage, every seed needs to be protected from outside influences while receiving the right level of moisture and oxygen.

Why do seeds need extra care?

As they are still encapsulated inside their shell, tiny seeds will start to develop once they receive the proper care.  At some point, they will break through their outer layer and start to sprout.

Either a fragile seed or a newly sprouted seedling can die easily if it doesn’t receive the right amount of water and oxygen.

water supply plant bags

The Right Amount of Water

Like every living being, seeds need water to survive. And not enough water can dry them out. TDI’s plastic grow bags have proven to retain moisture, more than rigid containers such as clay pots.

But overwatering can kill them too. That is why TDI’s bags have drainage holes for proper water drainage. So they are a great solution.

Proper Oxygen Flow

Little seeds need enough oxygen to survive. With our nursery bags, they can comfortably breathe through the vent holes that are punched in the poly material.

temperature of plastic seed bags

The Right Temperature

Once they overheat, your seeds can easily dry out. On the other hand, some seeds do not survive cold weather conditions. So the bottom line is to keep them at the proper temperature at all times.

Also, the color of the plastic affects the temperature inside the bag. The darker the poly, the more it retains heat, while a lighter color does the exact opposite.

Benefits of TDI’s Plastic Seed Bags:plastic seed bags

  • These small gusset bags stand up straight once unfolded, just like a rigid pot.
  • TDI will customize your bag with the proper gauge, size, and color.
  • Also, we will punch vent holes, according to the needs of your seeds.
  • Since they fold flat, they are easy to store, not taking up much space.
  • Our seed grow bags are very easy and cheap to replace.
  • Due to the light material, it does not take much energy to produce.
  • And to top it off, these little bags are fully recyclable!

What are the benefits of using plastic in grow bags?

Despite what many might think, the use of polyethylene in the manufacture of flexible plant containers has many benefits of its own.  Read about the “Advantages of Plastic” – by Udemy for business

Seed Bags for outdoor Nurseries

plant grow bag

#1: 2” x 1½” x 9½” x .003 (1000/2500/cs)

#2: 2½” x 2” x 9½” x .003 (1000/2500/cs)

You might opt for a heavier gauge, depending on use and field conditions. Although we normally use black, other colors are available upon request.

Greenhouse Seed Bags

These flexible containers are made for indoor use and are available in two standard sizes:

 plastic seed bags

2½” x 2” wide x 9½” long x .003 mil for larger seeds

2” x 1½” wide x 9½” long x .003 mill for smaller seeds

Both sizes include 24 to 32 drainage holes per bag. The standard colors are orange and black, but if needed, we can use other tints.

Plastic Seed Bags from TDI

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Please ask our team for more information to get the most effective seed bags for your plants. And don’t forget to ask for your free nursery sample pack!

Nursery Grow Bags

TDI manufactures a wide range of nursery bags or sleeves for plants and trees. Link to TDI Custom Packaging nursery web pageOur website will give you  an overview of our product line for nurseries and greenhouses.

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