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grow bags for pistachios

One of the major pistachio orchards in California contacted us way back in the 70’s. The warm climate here provides the perfect dry weather conditions to grow this type of fruit. But they needed nursery containers. Soon after they talked to us, they tried plant bags from TDI and found them to be very beneficial.

For decades now, they have used our plastic nursery bags to grow stronger, healthier pistachio trees for a lot less than they would normally pay for other containers. Our solution turned into a success.

Steve Deniger, TDI’s President and CEO:

“We’re not a Johnny come lately. TDI is one of the original plant bag makers, so these are tried-and-true products. We’ve perfected our products for decades, not trying to figure it out while we accept your orders.”

Pistachio Trees Growth Process

Pistachio seeds will have a hard time surviving outdoors. They are very fragile to harmful UV rays, insects, rodents, and extreme weather conditions. So that is why they need a sheltered environment in their first few years of development.

After about 1-2 years, the seeds turn into plants that need to be transplanted. And that’s where they will continue to mature into full-grown trees.plant bags from TDI for pistachios


Fragile pistachio seeds need to grow in containers in a sheltered environment, so they are protected.

  • The pistachio nursery tried to find plant containers that stimulate healthy growth.
  • Placing them in pots could get very expensive, especially since they needed thousands of containers.
  • Once they outgrew their pots, it took a lot of warehouse space to store the empty containers.

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Plant Bags from TDI – THE SOLUTION

So these are the benefits of our grow bags that helped the pistachio tree orchard succeed:

  1. Plant bags provide plenty of protection to fragile seedlings.
  2. plant bags from TDIAlso, proper oxygen flow makes plants healthier and stronger.
  3. Plastic nursery containers provide good drainage to prevent root rotting.
  4. They are more cost-effective than any other type of pot.
  5. Our plant bags are easy to unfold and fill with soil.
  6. The bags require minimal storage space because they fold flat.
  7. And they are completely customizable to your needs.
  8. To top it all: they are fully recyclable!

Plant Bags from TDI

Plastic plant bags from TDI are strong enough to firmly hold the soil and the plant, like any other rigid pot. They produce healthier trees and plants, therefore stimulating growth while saving your operations tons of money.

Hemp Nursery

industrial hemp in plant bags

Besides pistachio trees, there are many other types of trees and plants that greatly benefit from TDI’s grow bags. For example, citrus tree orchards and even hemp nurseries find these nursery bags very beneficial.

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