Plastic Film Perforations

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plastic film perforations

One way to customize your packaging product is by adding plastic film perforations. TDI creates different types of perforations in all of our custom poly bags, sheeting, and tubing.

Ultimately, ‘the perfect perf’ depends on the gauge, format, and usage of your package. Let’s take a closer look at the varieties and their uses.

What are plastic film perforations?

Perforations are oftentimes called “perfs” in the manufacturing industry.  During the process, a die-cut machine punches tiny holes into a sheet of plastic.

These holes are placed next to each other. Their purpose is to make it easy to tear them open.

Types of Perforations

Here are the most common types:

plastic film perforationsHorizontal or Vertical Punches:

With a straight line of perforations across, either horizontal or vertical, a consumer will have easy access to an item. They can simply rip it open.

Apparently, this type of packaging is designed for single use only since they are not reclosable. Their goal can be for example to safeguard against issues like contamination or fraud.

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Easy-Tear versus Hard-Tear:

Easy-tear perforations are openings placed closer together for effortless opening. That is why this type is best for light-weight items, such as feathers.

On the other hand, hard-tear perforations are more spread apart. Since it takes some strength to open them, they are most suitable for heavier materials, like metal screws.

plastic film perforations


Tear-notch is basically a slit located on one or more sides. It allows the user to simply tear it open. A small slit is all it takes.


How resin material affects the perforation location:

Each type of polyethylene has different characteristics. High-density polyethylene, for example, has more tensile strength. So vertical perforations work best for this type of polymer.

On the other hand, horizontal perforations are most effective in low-density polyethylene.

Plastic Packaging with Perforations

plastic tubing with horizontal perforation

tubing with horizontal perfs

TDI can add perforations to any type of flexible plastic packaging:

  • tubing or sleeves
  • sheeting
  • rolls (bags on rolls)
  • individual plastic bags

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Usage of Plastic Film Perforations

Perforations are widely used by all kinds of industries. Following are just a few examples:

Medical and Healthcare:

An easy-tear strip will not only make it easier to open up a package, but it will also protect against contamination. During an emergency situation, a staff member will have quick access to a much-needed tool.

Food Industry:

Tear notches are widely used to secure safe, single-use food packaging. It guarantees that the content is new, and has not been used yet.

Industrial uses:

With bags on rolls, a consumer can simply pull off a new bag by tearing along the perforated line. This makes it very convenient to get an individual bag from a roll.

plastic film extrusionFind your Perfect Perf at TDI

With decades of proven experience, TDI Custom Packaging will make sure to help you with your needs. Our plastic bags, film, and sheeting are all custom-made, with the best available resin material.

Here at TDI, we understand that “one size does not fit all.” That’s why our friendly sales team will discuss your requirements before we start the manufacturing process. Because your success is our success!


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