Your packaging strategy during COVID-19

By May 4, 2020packaging
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If there is one thing that changed in 2020, it is our false sense of security. The COVID-19 virus has hit us hard, at the most unexpected moment. And since this seems far from being over, it is a good time to review your packaging strategy. Just to increase your chances to successfully navigate through this pandemic.

Unfortunately, it is no longer business-as-usual. We had to change the way we do business, like implementing social distancing, do more online, and maybe working from home. But adjusting your approach as it relates to custom packaging might be needed to find what you need, at the right time. But what does that mean?

Packaging strategy during COVID-19

Here are some tips on how to adjust your strategy for tailor-made products.

Make sure to buy local:

Try to find a stable manufacturer in your area, that can deliver in a timely manner. A supplier that has a good track record. As we all know, overseas purchases are a concern these days.

Purchase in advance, if possible:

Especially during the pandemic, lead times might be much longer. This can be caused by conditions out of our control, like staff working from home or materials that are harder to find. So it is really best that you order your products well in advance.

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Get extra supplies:

It doesn’t hurt to buy more of those products that you will need anyway, in the near future. Provided, of course, you have enough cash flow to do so.

Find a reliable supplier:

Partner up with a company with a track record of strength and longevity.  A reliable producer will not let you down when you need them. Integrity and fairness are high on their list of values.

Look for shorter lead times:

As immediate needs arise during the pandemic, time is of the essence. So if you are able to find a resource that can deliver faster, that is a great plus.

Always be prepared:

Just when you thought that everything is fine, life hits you with a curveball. Isn’t that how it always is?

That is why now is a  good time to take care of the basics, like doing your research, being organized, and having some kind of crisis-response ready. Just in case you face an obstacle, it will be much easier to make the right change, swiftly and easily.

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Partner up with TDI

TDI Custom Packaging will help you with your packaging strategy, especially during these challenging times.  As a small manufacturer, we oftentimes are more flexible and approachable than most large companies. So if you’re looking for reliability and integrity, we will be your trusted partner!

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