Nursery Grow Bags and More

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What nursery grow bags and other products does TDI Custom Packaging produce for agriculture? Here’s a quick overview of the different types and their benefits.

Types of Nursery Grow Bags

TDI manufactures flexible grow bags that come flat-packed in a box. Simply unfold each one by their gussets. Once filled, these poly bags stand up straight, just like a regular plant container.

Plant Bags – Seed Bags – Tree Sleeves

Plant Bags

image of 2 black plant grow bags with punched holes laying flat

Plant bags are used to either grow plants, or to nurture small trees.

They stimulate healthy root growth, while protecting the plant. Also, these flexible pots are less costly than other growth mediums on the market.


Seed Bags

nursery grow bagsTDI’s seed bags are the smaller version of the nursery plant bag.

Because seed bags are so tiny, they use less water, less soil, and cost even less than a regular plant bag. And since they’re lengthy, roots can pull water from deeper under the ground.


Tree Sleeves

image of a black plant grow sleevePlastic tree sleeves are open on both sides, therefore forming a ‘sleeve’.

Although the poly material is very lightweight, they are made-to-last during extreme weather conditions.


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Benefits of Nursery Grow Bagsimage of black nursery grow bags filled with avocado plants

Economical – Ventilation – Drainage – Healthy Roots – Lightweight – Strong – UV-Resistant – Recyclable/Reusable

TDI Custom Packaging manufactures different sizes, styles, colors, materials, and additional options such as perforated holes.

What Plants Thrive in Nursery Grow Bags?

Anything that grows in a solid container, can thrive in a nursery bag. Here are examples as well as testimonials from our dedicated partners:


image of avocados hanging off a tree branch

More and more people are getting into growing what we grow, so hopefully they will also see the benefit of using TDI’s products.  It’s still the best solution in my opinion.” 

Tree Nuts: Almond, Pistachio, Walnut

image of pistachios growing on a tree branch

“The first year we did a test with TDI’s grow bags and from there on, for the last 31 years, we have been using these grow bags to raise our pistachio trees.” 

Succulents, Protea and other Flowers

image of protea flowers

“After more than 40 years of usage, I see no reason to switch to another plant grow medium. Especially since business is booming beyond expectations.” 

Citrus and other Fruit

image of lemons growing on a tree branch

“Each rigid plastic container costs almost 2-3 times more than TDI’s grow bags. It’s because they are thicker, contain more soil and absorb more water. Can you imagine the savings?”

Apparently more and more growers are discovering the benefits of our lesser-known nursery bags.

TDI’s Other Agricultural Products

Poly Tubing For Air Flow:

image of plants in nursery grow bagsAir flow tubing is used to funnel the right amount of air to designated crop areas, through a pattern of perforated holes. 

It’s a productive method to nurture healthy plants in the most economical way.


Mulch Film:

image of poly mulch film in agricultural growing fields

Basically, mulch film is a long piece of poly stretched out over a row of soil, to provide protective coverage during plant growth.

The UV poly material suppresses weed growth, conserves water, protects against inclement weather, prevents leaching of fertilizer, and regulates temperature.

Custom Packaging Bags and Film:

image of a roll of poly tubingTDI is an expert in the production of all kinds of poly packaging, tailor-made to your unique specifications. All resin materials are FDA-approved. 

Examples: poly can liners, trash bags, packaging bags, sleeves, sheeting and more


Inventory Levels During Supply Shortage

During the COVID-pandemic, companies oftentimes received their products ‘just-in-time’. But with current shortages, it is good to stock up ‘just-in-case’.

S&DC Executive: ‘Just-in-Time Supply Chains Have to Evolve to Manage Ongoing Disruptions’ >>>

Grow Bags from TDIimage of a smiling person in front of a field with black nursery grow bags filled with soil

In addition to custom packaging, TDI also keeps a small inventory of popular nursery items for lower minimum orders. We keep these for smaller orders or for ‘real-time’ needs.

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