Measuring a Custom Flat Poly Bag: Size Matters!

Custom Plastic Packaging Bag

It is Crucial to Get the Right Measurements Before You Place an Order.

You don’t want to end up with a Custom Flat Poly Bag that’s too snug, so that you have to squeeze in your contents. On the other hand, one that has too much extra room could cause the contents to slide, possibly damaging it.

So Getting the Exact Size Really Matters!


Three Steps to Measure Your Custom Flat Poly Bag

Following numbers need to be submitted in order to get the right size for your polyethylene bag.

1.  Width (W) and Length (L)

Make sure to get these dimensions as accurate as possible, even if it’s one tenth of an inch!

2.  Gauge (G) = ThicknessGauge Custom Flat Poly Bag

The unit for this measurement is reflected in either a “Mil” or a “Micron.”

When dealing with Low-Density Material (LDPE) we use Mils to describe the gauge, but with High-Density Material (HDPE) we use Microns instead.

One Mil:

This is an English unit of measurement reflected in one thousandth of an inch.

(for example:  .001″ = one thousandth of an inch or 1.0 mil)

One Micron (µ):

This is a unit of measurement in the metric system that is equal to one thousandth of a millimeter.

(for example:  .001 mm = one thousandth of a millimeter)

Useful Gauge Measurement Information is Readily Available Online


3.  Final Measurements

Unless you already know the exact size, we strongly recommend adding an extra inch to the length and to the width of your custom plastic bag.

Here is the Formula for Final Measurements:

Measurements Custom Flat Poly Bag


Let’s say your polyethylene bag has the following dimensions:                                                                             (Width) 5 inches  x  (Length) 8 inches  x  (Gauge) .0015 Mil

Final measurements,  including an extra inch added to the width and the length, are as follows:                 (Width) 6 inches  x  (Length) 9 inches  x  (Gauge) .0015 Mil

How About Specialty Bags?

Furthermore, some special-feature bags require additional information, such as with “pocket bags” which have an extra side pocket.

Apart from the standard dimensions, we will also need the width and the length of the side pocket in inches.

     TDI’s Minimum and Maximum Size Requirements


Our Teeny Tiny Flat Poly Bags

 Width:             Starting at 1.25 inch (1.25”)

Length:            Starting at 5 inches (5”)

Gauge:             Minimum is 1 mil

TDI’s XXL Sizes

Width:              Up to 40 inches (40″)

Length:            There is no maximum!

Gauge:             Maximum is 15 mil

(You could literally create an extremely long plastic bag the size of a football field!)

So, Are You Still Not Sure?

Measure Custom Flat Poly Bag

If this is your first time purchasing a custom flat poly bag and you’re not absolutely sure how to get the proper measurements, no worries!

Our friendly staff will help you every step of the way.

Don’t forget to Ask about our Short Lead Times and Low Minimum Order Requirements!

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