Save With Plastic Plant Bags

image of plastic plant bags in the field, made by TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

TDI’s plastic plant bags are a great alternative for nurseries that want to save costs, while nurturing strong, healthy plants. 

Besides being very economical, there are other advantages that help countless growers thrive with them.

How To Save With Plastic Plant Bags

Flexible nursery containers from TDI Custom Packaging offer savings in various areas:

  • Economical in purchase
  • Less storage space (grow bags fold flat)
  • Lower water usage  (plant bags retain moist longer)
  • Repetitive use (if still in good condition and cleaned well)
  • Save in transportation fuel costs (due to light-weight material)

“TDI’s grow bags keep plants moist longer, so they use less water. So, the water bill is a lot lower. Can you imagine the amount of savings over time for a nursery that needs thousands of them?”  ~ a local grower

Other Benefits Of TDI’s Plastic Plant Bags

In addition to significant savings, plastic plant bags from TDI have several other advantages as well:


  • Custom vent holes help roots become fibrous, so they are strong.
  • With UV-resistancy, poly grow bags protect against harmful sun-rays.
  • Plastic material protects against rodents and extreme weather conditions.


  • Since TDI’s grow bags are so thin, they use less energy in production.
  • Also, they’re recyclable and reusable for more than one planting season (if still in good condition).

Customizable Plastic Grow Bags

Certainly, all of our flexible nursery bags are completely customizable to your needs.

image of production of black plastic plant bagsWith custom holes, you will be able to provide the best drainage and oxygen distribution for your plants, so that they become strong and healthy.

In addition to holes, we offer many other customizations such as related to size, gauge, gussets, type of material.

Agricultural Packaging Products From TDI 

Here at TDI, we manufacture various nursery bags for plants, trees, and seeds. Besides plastic grow bags, we also produce other items:

image of plastic seed grow bagsSeed Bags

Seed Bags are the mini version of a plant bag.  It’s their purpose to protect tiny seeds or seedlings that are in their most fragile growth stage.

Tree Sleeves

Furthermore, the tree sleeves TDI makes are basically tubular-shaped poly sleeves with two open ends. Evidently, they are very effective in the protection and cultivation of young, immature trees. 

Other Agricultural Solutions

Without a doubt, plastic packaging has been used in the agricultural industry in many applications.

Link to: Plastics Europe – “Agriculture” >>>

To list, TDI Custom Packaging manufactures products such as mulch film, poly vent tubing, box liners, bags for garden products and more.

Link to: “Flexible Packaging For Agriculture” >>>

Save With TDI’s Plastic Plant Bags

As one of the first local producers of grow bags from the early 70’s, we definitely know what we’re doing. Clearly, the success of our long-time nursery partners is proof of that.

“After more than 40 years of usage, I see no reason to switch to another plant grow medium. Especially since business is booming beyond expectations. ”  ~ a long-time nursery partner

image of a person with in the background a field with plastic plant bagsIn essence, TDI’s plant bags are highly economical, use less water, less space, less fuel, and less carbon. So, clearly the benefits stack up!

Please feel free to ask our friendly sales team to find out how you can save & thrive with TDI’s plastic plant bags.

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