How to save on custom poly packaging

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During these times of ever-increasing prices, it is important to find out how you can save on custom poly packaging.

Due to continuing price hikes in commodities, the price of plastic packaging increases accordingly. This trend simply trickles down the supply chain to all industries.

Price Hikes and Bottlenecks

If you already know that you will need packaging supplies in the latter part of 2021, it is best to plan ahead.

Apparently, the trend of price hikes, long lead times, staff shortages, and outrageous shipping rates are here to stay for at least the rest of this year.

Article by The Packer: “Packaging Inflation kicked up in 2021, and more may be ahead for 2022” >>

Plan to Save on Custom Poly Bags and Film

With our free price projection, our sales team will review your present and future needs. Then we will compare pricing from past invoices, current rates, and future predicted trends.

In the end, we will give you a personalized plan on how you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

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We Stand Behind our Custom Plastic Packaging

TDI Custom Packaging provides unsurpassed 360 degrees quality and service. What this means is that our team is not only committed to producing the exact end product you need but that we also care about everything around it.TDI Custom Packaging Benefits

That includes many aspects such as great attention to detail, excellent service, high integrity, and staying in touch with you. So keeping you informed of current market trends is just one of the cards. Because partners who are well-informed can make better purchasing decisions, right?

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TDI’s Strategy for Your Success

Don’t wait until you have to pay much more because you tried to wait out the storm. Contact our knowledgeable sales team so they can review some numbers and make a comparison that will benefit your business.

To be successful, it takes planning and information to keep you ahead of the curve. Team TDI cares about your success because when you succeed, we all succeed!

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Now Plan Ahead for Poly Bags and Filmimage of a graph showing price hikes in custom poly bags and film

Please make sure to contact our knowledgeable staff today to guide you through the process. Because that’s what we’re here for; we are your partner in business.

Request your FREE packaging price projection today, so you are prepared to enjoy the rest of the year!

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“How to Save on Custom Poly Packaging”