How does TDI recycle Plastic Film?

Being a polyethylene blown-film extruder, how does TDI recycle plastic film? 

Here at TDI, none of our poly scrap material goes to waste; we recycle it 100% of the time. It’s because it is the right thing to do.

And if you’re not familiar with the term ‘scrap’; it is the remnant material that originates from the manufacturing production process.

How We Recycle Plastic Film

The first and most crucial step to successful recycling is that TDI meticulously cares for all of its scrap. With staff members that understand the proper handling procedures, our used materials stay safe. image of scrap to show how TDI does recycle plastic film

By keeping it clean, separating it by type of material, and storing it safely, we make sure our scrap does not get mixed with other materials. Because one wrong item in the mix will contaminate the whole batch.

Recycle: Clean – Sort – Keep It Safe

image of resin to show how we recycle plastic filmWhat Is Repro?

Once our scrap is reprocessed for reuse in TDI’s manufacturing plant, we call it ‘repro’ or reprocessed poly resin.  

In other words, repro is basically recycled plastic that can be reused to manufacture a new product or for another purpose.  

image of plant bags as TDI's example how they recycle plastic filmHow Do We Use Repro?

TDI applies reprocessed resin in a blend to create a new packaging product. For instance, we use repro to produce plant grow bags for nurseries.

Another way TDI uses recycled plastics is for purging production lines during set-up or break-down (after the job is completed). 

How TDI Remains Sustainable

Besides recycling plastic scrap, team TDI does a lot more to remain a sustainable extrusion company.

For instance, we constantly monitor our scrap rates during production runs, to keep its levels as low as possible.

Also, we keep our facilities clean and well-kept. TDI commits to zero plastic resin loss that could potentially pollute our environment.  image of manufacturing plant of TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

Certainly, most of our packaging products are either recyclable and/or reusable. But at the end of its life cycle, it’s up to the end-user to recycle them.

How Consumers Recycle Plastic Film

image of a grocery bag to cover how consumer recycle plastic filmUnfortunately, the key problem with consumer recycling is that they do not properly separate by type of material. So, then everything in the batch becomes waste.  

Since regulations change so often, many feel that recycling is very confusing. It takes regular research and extra effort to stay up-to-date with recycling rules.

Here are some poly film recycling guidelines from PlasticFilmRecycling.Org >>>


Custom Plastic Packaging from TDI

It’s good to know that TDI takes care of its recycling in a responsible way. 

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