How COVID-19 affects TDI

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The level of how COVID-19 affects TDI has not prevented us from running operations.  We are grateful to experience a continuous demand for custom plastic packaging during these uncertain times.

TDI manufactures plastic bags and film for essential businesses such as medical, food and agricultural companies. We offer lower minimum orders, faster turnaround times and quality products: all important elements for the critical supply chain.

But how does a small manufacturing company like us weather the storm during the coronavirus pandemic?

How COVID-19 affects TDI

Of course, we have encountered several challenges along the way. Probably like any other company in the packaging industry.

Some Challenges

  • Everyone is urged to work from home. But as a manufacturing company, that’s next to impossible. Production staff, for example, need to be present to operate our machines.
  • Sometimes we might find it harder to locate the materials we need. Or our suppliers might be backlogged. As a result, our lead times can be affected.
  • It is imperative that our staff stays strong and healthy. Thus, we clean and disinfect regularly, while we inform our employees on proper procedures, such as hand-washing methods.
  • Some team members might have to stay home to take care of a family member. By adjusting our schedules, we are able to continue operations as usual.


But in the midst of it all, we also see great, positive things happening.


  • Everyone has a strong sense that “we are in this together”.” And that creates a culture of camaraderie.
  • Team members feel motivated to work. We experience gratefulness.
  • Our staff knows it’s important to stay healthy, especially now. We focus on remaining strong.
  • TDI continues to receive custom packaging orders, even during these critical times.

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How is the Plastics Packaging Industry Affected?

Major shifts are taking place in the plastics packaging industry. And companies are adding product lines to help fulfill urgent supply needs during the pandemic.

How TDI Pulls Through

how covid-19 affects tdiIt oftentimes feels like we are navigating rough waters while white river rafting! We constantly have to adapt to new situations when unexpected challenges arise. And then make the best of it.

In addition, we have found outside sources to help us all pull through. Entrepreneur Magazine recently posted a very resourceful article: “8 Ways Business Owners Can Take Advantage of the Federal Stimulus Package.”

The Pandemic and TDI

It might sound strange, but how COVID-19 affects TDI has brought us new insights and opportunities for change. By adjusting to unusual situations, and by being resourceful or creative, we have been able to weather the storm.

Today, more than any other time in the past, we feel like a close-knit family. And that is a wonderful feeling!  Together, we feel strong, positive, and hopeful about the future.

There are always two sides to the coin; in tragedy, there is hope. So we realize that one day, hopefully very soon, this will come to pass. And then we will all prevail again, as we are in this together!covid-19 in this together

In the meanwhile, please know that we are here for you now. Don’t wait to contact team TDI for your custom poly needs before you run out of stock.

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