How COVID-19 affects Nature

By April 20, 2020covid-19

In the midst of these turbulent times, during this global pandemic, we can see how COVID-19 affects nature in a positive way.

You might have noticed some changes in the environment around us. The effects are more apparent as we compare the before-and-after. It clearly shows us what human presence does to nature.

How COVID-19 affects life on earth

Our planet is our home. It provides us with all the great things we need to sustain a healthy life. Thus, the quality of our lives depends on how well we take care of mother Earth.  We eat, drink, and breathe from her resources. So how nature changes, will directly affect the quality of our lives.

It has become apparent that the pandemic has caused positive side-effects that are related to not more, but less human intervention.

There is Less Pollution

Less traffic leads to less smog. Less industrial processing means fewer carbon emissions. As a result, every living being can breathe better. And we start to see clear blue skies in areas that were heavily polluted before.

How COVID-19 affect nature with a picture of a clear city sky during COVID-19

A smog-free skyline in Hong Kong city.

Our Waterways are Cleaner

Another side effect is that less waste or hazardous chemicals get dumped into our rivers and oceans. We start to see more fish and other marine life. And wildlife is going places where they didn’t go before.

A Change in our Consciousness

Additionally, a shift has taken place in our way of thinking and how we act. The contrast of how life was before COVID-19 and how it is now, has taught us some valuable lessons.

Read an article from here.

  • During tough times, we feel responsible for our community while showing solidarity for each other.
  • Some families start to cultivate their own fruits and vegetables. Or they learn how to make practical things themselves.
  • People are buying less, but using more of what they already have. So they reuse and recycle more.

Unfortunately, after this is all over, things might go back to where they were before. Unless we take a mental note and do something about it now, to save our planet.

Earth Day 2020

satellite image of earth during covid-19

Earth Day goes digital!

We like to remind you that this year’s Earth Day falls on April 22nd. Normally, during the whole month of April groups of people participate in meaningful events such as beach clean-ups or picking up trash.

Nevertheless, this time no social gatherings are permitted.  So that is why Earth Day has gone digital.

To participate, find a digital Earth Day event here.

Team TDI Cares

During this critical period, TDI has been fortunate enough to remain operational in the custom packaging industry. However, we take appropriate steps to make sure we keep our employees safe, healthy and informed. At least, we do the best we possibly can.

Also, in light of environmental concerns, TDI keeps its premises clean and tidy all the time. Because we feel that this is our responsibility as a polyethylene manufacturer.

TDI staff wearing masks during covid-19

TDI staff wearing masks

Custom Plastic Packaging – now

The need for custom plastic bags and film remains strong, especially during these uncertain times.

How COVID-19 affects nature is obvious, but it will not prevent us from running our manufacturing operations.

Team TDI is excited to continue to assist you with your custom plastic packaging needs. Please contact our friendly team today for assistance!


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