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About Grow Bags from TDI

Numerous nurseries on the west coast have discovered the benefits of plastic grow bags from TDI. Once tried, they do not want to switch to other mediums.

image of a crate with nursery grow bags from TDI and a hand holding one

After used during one planting season, plant bags can oftentimes be sterilized and reused the following years. 

Types of Nursery Grow Bags

TDI Custom Packaging produces 3 types of plastic grow containers.

Plant Bags:

image of one of TDI's nursery grow bagsTDI’s flexible plant bag is a great alternative to the typical rigid pot. Not only do they stimulate healthy growth, but they have numerous other benefits >>

Nursery bags come in all kinds of sizes and variations. Depending on its species, a grower will chose what’s best for optimal usage.

Seed Bags:image of orange seed grow bags from TDI Custom Packaging

Undeniably, a seed bag is much smaller than a plant bag, but with the same features.

However, the shape is more elongated. When completely unfolded and filled, growers stack them against each other in crates, to make them stand up straight. 

Tree Sleeves:

image of a black plastic tree sleeve from TDI

Sometimes tree sleeves might be the better option for your plants. 

This product has 2 open sides without a pocket. Just like plant bags and seed bags, tree sleeves are fully customizable. 


Why Buy Plastic Grow Bags from TDI?

image of black nursery grow bags from TDIWith so many benefits, grow bags help many of our partners succeed in their operations. 

For instance, while being cost-effective, they save space, and retain moist longer, therefore saving on water. 

“The soil stays moist longer in these bags, so they need less water.”  ~ a long-time partner

Why Use Plastic?

image of an unfolded black plastic grow bag from TDI

While there are other materials on the market, plastic shows unique properties that you cannot find in other products.image of plants in TDI's nursery grow bags

For instance, polyethylene is so lightweight, that it takes less energy to produce. Also, this poly material is flexible, sturdy, and UV-resistant. TDI’s plastic nursery bags are recyclable and oftentimes reusable. 

America’s Plastic Makers: Making Sustainable Change  >>>

Who Uses Nursery Bags?

Any type of plant that grows well in a container can thrive in a flexible plant bag. Numerous wholesale nurseries and greenhouses succeed with the use of our growth medium.

TDI’s plant bags grow all kinds of species in them: fruit and nut trees, flowers, desert trees, hemp, and much more. 

Custom Grow Bags from TDI

For more than four decades, TDI has proven to be an expert in the manufacture of custom poly grow containers. We are a reliable source that you can trust.

With numerous options to select from, you will be able to grow your plants in the most effective way, for less than what you would pay for other containers. Don’t forget to ask for your free samples and more information here >>

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