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By November 21, 2018Polyethylene Bags
polyethylene bags

It’s Not Always About Looks!

Practicality is priority number one when it comes to functional polyethylene bags.  There’s an important characteristic or feature which makes them very valuable.

These bags are not necessarily fit to be displayed in retail stores, especially when they are basic in design without portraying an image or brand name.


“designed to be practical and useful, rather than attractive”

custom polyethylene bags

The demand for practical plastic packaging is high and will never cease to exist.

Below you will find a few examples of typical characteristics, but of course there are many more!

Examples of Characteristics

Strength and Flexibility:

Sturdy bags can hold heavy items. For instance, decorative pebbles for landscape projects need strong bags. They do not tear easily.

custom polyethylene bags

Waterproof / Leak-Resistant: 

Bottom-seal bags will provide the extra layer of protection needed against leaking. What a mess it would be if the cement mix would spill out of the bag!



The main purpose of these poly bags is to simply show what they hold.  Such as a bag with colorful peppers which contents you can see easily through the transparent film.


Nursery grow bags that are used outdoors, have to be resistant to varying weather conditions. Growers can either reuse or recycle them.

Cold Resistant:

Our Gel-filled Ice Packs, as utilized for injuries, soreness or fever, will not rip easily once frozen. Also, the print does not smudge in cold conditions.custom polyethylene bags

Advantages versus Disadvantages

Here are a few comparisons between basic-built bags and the more intricate ones.

  • The simpler the design, the lower the price. Consequently, a stand-up pouch bag made out of thick barrier material with intricate prints will add more to the price tag.
  • Plastic packaging composed of a single type of resin is easier to recycle than those made out of various kinds of plastic. A recycling facility has to separate each film category.
  • Functional bags with attractive prints are great for display. However, a plain looking bag might not be attractive enough for retail stores.

Functional Polyethylene Bags at TDI

custom polyethylene bags

TDI produces many types of custom plastic bags. Our customers usually know what they get, since we consistently provide them with the same quality they are so accustomed to.

Please ask our team what type of functional packaging we can produce for you today!



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