Flexible Packaging for Agriculture

image of strawberry fields with mulch poly film

From sheeting to tubing, nursery bags and other flexible packaging products, TDI provides polyethylene agricultural solutions.

With an excellent track record of more than 40 years servicing local growers, partners know they can count on us for quality, service, and reliability. Here is an overview of products we offer to wholesale nurseries and greenhouses.

Flexible Packaging for Agriculture

To grow healthy plants, cultivators need different types of packaging to help them succeed.

image of mulch film in a strawberry field as an example of flexible packagingMulch Film

Mulch films are long pieces of polyethylene that are stretched out over rows of soil, to provide protective coverage during plant growth. They usually have small slits or holes, so crops can grow right through them.

image of mulch film in a asparagus field as an example of flexible packaging

Thus, mulch film suppresses weed growth, conserves water, protects against inclement weather, prevents leaching of fertilizer, and regulates temperature. In addition, they are UV-resistant to protect against harmful sun rays.

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Poly Tubing

Depending on its application, lay-flat tubing can serve various purposes. For example, it can provide for proper air flow, or it can serve as an extra layer of protection against leakage, by covering pipes. 

Poly Tubing For Air Flow 

Air flow tubing is used to funnel the right amount of air to designated crop areas, through a pattern of perforated holes.

You will find this type of tubing in covered areas, such as in greenhouses. It’s a productive method to nurture healthy plants in the most economical way. 

| “The 4 mil Poly Tubing met all the customers’ expectations. Your attention to detail and follow-up is greatly appreciated.” (a distributor)

image of a black nursery bag filled with a seedlingNursery Grow Bags

Countless nurseries have discovered that poly grow bags are an efficient replacement of the traditional, rigid containers. Besides being very cost-effective, they have many benefits. Typically any plant that grows in a hard pot, can thrive in a plant bag.

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| “The first year we did a test with TDI’s grow bags and from there on, for the last 31 years, we have been using these grow bags to raise our pistachio trees.” (a pistachio farm)

image of a green polyethylene extrusion bubble Other Flexible Packaging Solutions

In addition to the above products, TDI offers all kinds of packaging solutions that are all made-to-order in our specialized production facility. For example, we produce gel-filled ice packs for cold storage or transportation, heavy-duty bags like trash bags, box liners, and much more.

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image of a person holding a plant grow bag from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.At TDI we understand your needs in all stages of agriculture: from planting seeds, growing plants, storing harvest, to final distribution.

Please ask our friendly sales team to guide you through the purchasing process, to get exactly what you are looking for.

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| “Dealing with a family-owned business like TDI has been a total pleasure. It is nice to know that management and ownership are interested in the satisfaction of its customers.” (a distributor)

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