Product Spotlight: Flat Poly Tubing

flat poly tubing

In the plastic packaging industry, the term flat poly tubing or lay-flat tubing refers to a continuous polyethylene sleeve that is open on both sides, while wrapped around a core.

One way to use poly tubing is to use it in its original form and simply cut it at the desired length. It can then serve in various applications such as for industrial or medical sectors. To give a few examples, the elongated shape is perfect to guide fluids or to provide an extra layer of protection around pipes.

bottom seal bags made from flat poly tubing

bottom seal bags

Custom Packaging Bag

However, another effective way to utilize poly tubing is to create your own plastic bag. You will simply need to cut and heat-seal it shut on one side. Then, after you deposit the product or material inside, you will close it on the other side.

Benefits of Flat Poly Tubing

1. The length can be cut to any size: Poly tubing is great for longer items, or for the same sized product with varying lengths. You will be able to cut each bag individually to the desired length.

2. It is easy to create your own plastic bag: We recommend heat-sealing as the most effective way to securely close poly tubing on one side. All it takes is a simple heat-sealing tool to do the job.

3. And it is cost-effective: Since the process is fairly simple, it will save you money in custom plastic packaging. And who doesn’t like a few savings, right?

Poly Tubing Specifications

A Common Mistake

Those who have never measured layflat tubing oftentimes commit the same “offense.” As it looks so simple, getting the right measurements to make sure your product fits inside can be tricky.

First, we need to understand that poly tubing comes flat. So when you insert a bulky object, it will expand the plastic in the middle, causing your product to no longer fit.

How to Measure Flat Poly Tubing:

calculation poly tubing

  multiply the diameter x 3.1416 (pi) x .5

It is important to use the diameter of the widest part of your product, otherwise, you will end up with the wrong calculation.

Expectations for the Plastics Industry

Even with the current COVID-19 pandemic still on the rise, industry specialists forecast a rebound in the plastic packaging sector.

orange poly tubing

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TDI Custom Plastic Packaging

So if you’re not sure if you have the right dimensions, not to worry. Our sales team will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

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