FALL’ing short on Custom Grow Bags?

By September 9, 2022custom grow bags

Have you checked your inventory of custom grow bags lately? Or if you’re not familiar with them, tried these nifty plant containers yet?

Here we will show you what TDI’s nursery bags are, in a nutshell, and why it is a good time to stock up on supplies, now that fall is around the corner.

Custom Grow Bags From TDI

image of black custom grow bags from TDI

Quality Guaranteed

With more than 40 years of experience, TDI Custom Packaging is an expert in the manufacture of nursery bags that effectively replace traditional hard pots, at a fraction of the cost.

Effective Growth

image of a custom grow bag with a small plant

TDI’s poly plant containers have two side gussets that can be unfolded. This allows them to stand up straight, just like a regular container. Furthermore, punched holes provide proper oxygen distribution, air pruning, and drainage.

In addition, the UV-resistant poly material that creates a greenhouse effect so you plants can become strong and healthy.

Link to: TDI’s Nursery Bags >>>

Thrive with Custom Grow Bags

Numerous growers in the horticultural sector proclaim that they are the best solution for their plants. Evidently, they do not want to switch to other alternatives. Here’s what a few of them say:

| “The first year we did a test with TDI’s grow bags and from then on, for the last 31 years, we have been using these grow bags to raise our pistachio trees.” (from a major nursery)

grow bags for protea plants| “Hopefully they will also see the benefit of using TDI’s products.  It’s still the best solution in my opinion.”  (from a successful grower partner of 40+ years)

Local Manufacturer

TDI Custom Packaging is a local manufacturer, that only processes US-made materials. We’re a trusted family business since 1974, not an overseas company with long lead times and poor quality products.

So if you’re looking for faster deliveries and excellent quality, you’ve found the right place. And don’t forget that you’re in control of the product design, since it’s bought direct from the producer.

Link to: “Nursery Bags – Plant Containers that Will Grow On You” >>>

Get Custom Grow Bags Now

Plan Ahead

With the start of the fall season it’s good to plan ahead and be prepared for possible setbacks. So when it’s time for planting, you already have all your containers ready.

Overcome Supply Chain Challenges

Due to remaining challenges in the supply chain, we recommend ordering sooner rather than later. Because you never know what tomorrow brings.

Survive the Drought

a hand holding a green globe symbolizing we need to refocus on recycling plastic packaging

With the lack of sufficient water resources, many farmers struggle to keep their fields green. TDI’s nursery bags have UV-resistant material and drainage holes to retain moist longer. It’s another tool to beat the heat.

“Drought Management for Horticultural Crops” (Texas Agrilife) >>>

Beat the Rising Inflation

As a result of the ongoing inflation situation, it’s apparent that everything becomes more and more expensive. So a good reason to buy now.

Why Use TDI’s Custom Grow Bags?

image of black custom grow bags in a green house with pistachio plantsOur nursery bags help your plants become strong and healthy, with fibrous roots, at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for rigid containers. 

Not only are they cost-effective, but these flexible containers also use less storage space, less energy, and less fuel. And not to mention; they are fully recyclable. 

What Can You Grow In Them?

TDI’s nursery bags are a great alternative for rigid pots. Basically, anything that grows in a hard pot, can thrive in these bags.

Seeds, flowers, plants (edible or non-edible), fruit or nut trees, and ornamental trees; it all grows in them, you just have to try them out. 

Link to: “Plants That Love Poly Grow Bags” >>>

Options for Custom Grow Bags

image of black custom grow bags with plants

As a manufacturer, TDI offers full customization options as it relates to size, thickness, color, ink, and special features, such as drainage holes. This gives you the opportunity to determine what’s most effective for optimal plant growth.

To learn more click here: https://tdicustompackaging.com/flexible-nursery-bags/

Link to: “Plants that Love Poly Grow Bags” >>>

So, don’t wait too long, but call our friendly sales team today for your free customized quote.

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