Do Outside Sales still work?

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Fortunately, TDI has been able to weather the storm during the COVID-19 pandemic.  And currently, we are even looking to expand our business. Of course, that is exciting news. But the question is now: do outside sales still work during these uncertain times, or is it better to hold off on hiring someone?

How can an outside sales professional effectively communicate with customers and prospects, with social distancing rules in place? After all, face-to-face contact still seems to be the best, most effective way to build a relationship.

Outside Sales at TDI

TDI receives most of its business from customer referrals, simply because they recognize us as an established manufacturer of quality plastic packaging and excellent service.

However, we understand the importance of having an outside sales professional to strengthen and expand our business. We just like to hear how they manage to effectively connect with existing clients and future prospects these days.

Communication Methods during the Pandemic

Right now, we see a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases in the United States, including California. The spread of the pandemic seems to be far from being over. So where does that leave us?

outside sales professional in blue suit selecting an icon, while icons appear for internet, phone, mobile app, and email

Forbes: “How to sell during the coronavirus pandemic”

What methods does a sales professional use to stay in touch with customers, or build new relationships when they don’t actually meet?

Mid-level versus Senior-level

Okay, this brings us to the next question: do you think an experienced mid-level professional is more effective in a small business environment, or would a high-level executive perform better?

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Do you know an outside sales professional?

On a final note, if you know someone who could be a great fit for team TDI, please have them apply here: TDI logo with words underneath it "apply here"

They need to tell us how they will conduct outside sales during this pandemic and why they think it’s better to hire now rather than later. Also, we prefer they have experience in the custom packaging industry.

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