Custom Poly Film Solutions for 2021

After we said goodbye to 2020, the new year has already begun! Time flies. To stay ahead now is the perfect time to prepare ourselves for what will come our way. How about your business? Have you looked at custom poly film solutions yet?

There will be plenty of challenges ahead, but you will also find ample opportunities. So it is good to pause and focus on those opportunities rather than getting pulled back by the obstacles that we face.

Custom Poly Film Solutions for Success

 Here’s a few words from Steve Deniger, TDI’s president and CEO:

President and CEO of TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.‘Happy New Year everyone! 2020 has been a challenging year with the pandemic. Many people and businesses were affected by it. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated partners for their continued support. Thanks to them we were able to overcome these difficult times and came out strong. They have made TDI as successful as we are. And we will continue to do so.

We are looking forward to supporting you again while extending our partnerships in 2021!’

Opportunities in Plastic Packaging

Although their prices are usually lower, acquiring custom products from overseas can be a risky business. It oftentimes involves losses in profits and/or products, due to poor quality and long lead times. Buying from a local manufacturer like TDI will eliminate that risk.

TDI Custom Packaging is highly specialized in the customization of flexible poly film. Incorporated in 1974, our family business is an expert in the manufacture of quality, made-to-order packaging products.

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Functional Poly Bag SolutionsTDI Manufacturing Plant for custom poly film solutions

TDI mostly produces industrial poly packaging. These are the types of bags that have a practical purpose: mainly to hold and contain items or materials.

During these times of hardship, we have noticed an increase in the use of utilitarian plastic packaging. Especially the medical, industrial, and other essential sectors are broadly using this type of product.

MarketsandMarkets: “COVID-19 Impact on Packaging Market”

Benefits of Polyethylene Film

Flexible poly film is present in many applications worldwide. Above all, it is most economical compared to other packaging products. Furthermore, the material is so lightweight that it is cost-saving in both storage and transportation.

From an environmental viewpoint, plastics take less energy to produce, less fuel to transport, and most of it can be either recycled or reused.

It is evident that plastic packaging is not going anywhere soon, since the material has many benefits and is so widely used.

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Custom Poly Film Solutions

TDI is here to create new opportunities for you. It is your chance to show clients that you can help them with their packaging needs.

Image of a person communicating by phone and laptopEach package we manufacture is made uniquely with your own design, logo, and special formulations. With a wide array of plastic packaging options, we formulate the best solution for you.

Just ask our team for assistance. Pandemic or not, TDI is here for you!

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