Custom Poly Bags for a Popsicle Business

By October 20, 2018Custom Poly Bags
Custom Poly Bags Popsicles

How Tailor-Made Bags Helped a Business Succeed

TDI helps many local businesses find custom solutions for their packaging issues, such as with custom poly bags.

Cost and not being familiar with options available can be a big concern for smaller companies who are trying to be more competitive.

Here is a case study of such a situation and how it was resolved.

How It All Started:

  • Our Customer Service Representative Luis received a call from the owner of a local, small business. She informed Luis that they produce colorful and tasty popsicles, all made with natural ingredients.
  • The owner then requested a quote for poly tubing. It was a product they had ordered before somewhere else.
  • Luis explained that we could definitely produce this type of custom packaging.  But instead of just processing the order, he felt the need to review the situation first.

Custom Poly Bags Time

Current Situation:

First, the owner explained, her staff cuts long poly tubing to the right length. After that, they carefully slide in each popsicle and seal it on both sides. She assumed this was the best and cheapest way to do it.

The Issue:

Unfortunately, staff members spent a lot of time sealing bags. Because it was a tedious, labor-intensive job, it would cost lots of money in the end, therefore making the business less profitable.

The Solution – Custom Poly Bags:

So Luis designed a simple, tailor-made solution for them.  TDI was able to produce the right size flat poly bag with their logo neatly printed on each package.

custom poly bags solution

All they would have to do, is to slide each popsicle into the custom-made plastic bag and close it on one end.  The process would be easy and fast, consequently saving the business valuable time and money.

Since this was a no-brainer for the owner, she decided to place an order right away.

Packaging Specifics:

Type of Bag: Flat Poly Bag
Industry: Food Industry
Special Features: Leak-Proof

Freezable Material

Print Quality need to sustain frozen conditions

TDI Custom Packaging Solutions:

TDI is not just a manufacturer of quality custom poly film and bags, but we are also here to help you find solutions.

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