Custom Plastics for Your Essential Business

essential business

During this worldwide pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, you might find it challenging to source custom plastics. TDI likes to remind you that we manufacture all kinds of plastic packaging for essential businesses. We serve US companies in the most critical industries, such as medical and food sectors and more.

So it might be a good time to review your current needs, especially now. As urgency is crucial these days, it is beneficial to hire a local manufacturer you can trust. Let’s review a few of the essential business sectors we serve.

Medical and Healthcare 

In addition to basic run-of-the-mill products, such as flat poly bags, we also manufacture specialty products.

custom plastics medical industry

Food Industry

The supply chain for fresh fruit and produce goes all the way back to the nurseries where these products are grown. TDI creates custom plastics for growers in the field and in greenhouses to help them cultivate their precious plants and trees.

custom plastics food industry

Also, we produce various poly packaging bags for food items, such as bread, candies, bakery products, just to name a few. Here’s how TDI provided a cost-effective solution for a popsicle business.

Other Essential Businesses

Besides the aforementioned, TDI creates custom plastics for other critical industries, like construction or engineering.

Please find a list of essential business sectors here: US Department of Homeland Security (CISA) – Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Benefits for Choosing TDI’s Custom Packaging

. Lower Minimum Orders:

Being the small business that we are, we generally run smaller quantities. This allows us to offer you lower minimum orders.

. Shorter Lead Times:

And as a result of smaller quantity runs, we can deliver your custom plastics faster than most large manufacturers.

. Quality and Reliability:

With much attention-to-detail and greater service, we deliver the quality you are looking for.

. Made in the USA:

Definitely, hiring a local manufacturer will ship your products faster than an overseas supplier. Needless to say that other advantages, such as better communication and great service, are a given.TDI custom packaging

Custom Plastics you can count on!

Our customer base ranges from major distributors to smaller end-users. Many customers have been loyal to us for decades. They know we are a reliable manufacturer they can count on for great service and quality.

If you haven’t tried our custom packaging yet, please don’t hesitate to contact team TDI. And download our Line Card here.

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