Custom Plastic Packaging for Medical Uses

Custom Plastic Packaging Medical Industry

TDI’s Packaging Solutions for the Medical Industry

TDI produces custom plastic packaging for distributors who serve the medical and healthcare industries. These type of companies sell to places such as hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s offices, and fitness centers, just to name a few.

Since this industry has high quality standards, only prime resin is acceptable as a raw material in the production process.

Following are a few examples of bags we manufacture for this sector.

Specimen Bags

Laboratories use these type of bags to store test results and patient documents.

Specimen BagsOur Specimen Bags typically have the following features:

  • The bags have one or two side pockets, which makes it easy to separate patient information from test results.
  • Information and instructions, such as how to store the specimen or where to send the documents, are printed on the outside.
  • Specimen bags have a lip with an adhesive strip that makes it easy to close shut.

Gel-Filled Ice Packs

Frozen Ice Packs are used during an illness or injury, or they can be applied to provide comfort. These packs can be very effective to lower fever, ease pain, or reduce swelling.

TDI only produces the bags for these Gel-Filled Ice Packs; we do not fill them with gel.

Gel-filled Ice Pack




Below are 3 key characteristics of Gel Bags:

1. The resin used to make Gel Bags makes them thick and rubbery.  This is the perfect texture to add strength and stretch.

2. They are easy to wipe clean and can often be reused.

3. Any print or logo on the bag will not come off during refrigeration.

About Gel-filled Ice Packs

Other Custom Plastic Packaging Products

TDI manufactures a wide range of custom poly film and bags for various industries, the medical sector is just one of them.  We can produce packaging with unique features, or more common bags such as trash liners, or odd items like “barf bags”.

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Custom Plastic PackagingCleaning our Oceans

We deeply care about our environment, our wildlife and its waterways.

TDI has followed the progress of The Ocean CleanUp from its test phases. The foundation has a goal to clean up the Pacific Garbage Patch by the year 2040. Ultimately we hope it will succeed in the end!

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