Can A Custom Plastic Bag Count?

Custom Plastic Bag

Of course a plastic bag cannot count!  But humans can count and so do they count their money. A certain type of custom plastic bag is specifically designed to facilitate accurate counts of cash deposits and to safeguard the process .

Any organization with frequent cash transactions can use a “bank deposit bag”, “a security bag”, or “a cash receipts bag” to secure their bank deposits. 

How to use a Bank Deposit Bag

  • First, you will have to separate all valuables by category:  currency, coins, checks, and chips. 
  • Next, you will need to calculate the totals for each category. 
  • Then you will complete the form that is printed on the outside of the deposit bag.
    custom plastic bag

    A form is printed on the outside of the bag.

  • Banks require that you also include a deposit slip or paper ticket with each bank transaction.

Always make sure that everything is 100% accurate. Information written on the actual bag should correspond exactly with the amounts printed on the paper ticket.

Once finished, you can drop off the completed and sealed deposit bag at your local financial institution or have it picked up by a courier. 


  1. Deposit bags help protect your cash deposits against unwanted access.
  2. They are easy to use, since instructions are printed on the outside.
  3. The form helps to increase accuracy. And… less errors mean less bank fees.
  4. With this single-use deposit bag you will no longer have to pick-up your bag from the bank each day.
  5. Bank deposit bags are recyclable!

Features to Safeguard your Cash Deposits

 What are the specific features that help prevent against theft and fraud? 

  • custom plastic bag

    Always safeguard against theft and fraud.

    Due to the tamper-evident closing tape, it is for one-time use only. 

  • Once the bag is sealed, the easiest way to access contents is by ripping it open along the perforated line.  This will clearly show if an unauthorized person opened it. 
  • Color can be added to the film so contents are no longer visible from the outside.

Every financial institution can customize their security bag with specific prints, such as a barcode, a company logo and other important information.

Fake check fraud

Before you deposit your checks, please make sure that they are legitimate.  CBS News reported on this issue in 2018:  CBS news report on fake check scam.

Industries that use this type of Custom Plastic Bag 

Many organizations with regular cash transactions use bank deposit bags. Financial institutions, casinos, hospitals, retail stores, restaurants and any other business can use this type of packaging. 

What is J-sheeting? 

custom plastic bag

An example of J-sheeting, before it’s converted into a bag.

At TDI, we use a common industry term also known as “J-sheeting” to create bank deposit bags. This term refers to the way the plastic film folds and is cut; as one side folds taller than the other side, it forms a J-shape.

An example of J-sheeting, before it’s converted into a bag.With the J-sheeting in place, our production department applies a security strip to the overlap portion of the bag.  Finally, they convert it into a custom plastic bag with a perforated line.

TDI’s Options for a Deposit Bag 

  • TDI uses low density resin material (LDPE), which is strong, yet thin plastic film. 
  • We can add even more additives to increase strength.  Once filled with heavy currency, it will prevent the bag from ripping open.   
  • TDI can print up to 4 colors total for both sides of the bag. 
  • The thickness or gauge can be between 1 mil and 6 mil. 
  • Extra features such as adding barcodes, sequence numbering, and side compartments are available upon request. 


 Our bank deposit bags are used by many institutions and have been for decades.  Yes, this type of custom plastic bag does count since it protects your cash valuables! 

 Above is just one example of a quality custom plastic bag we can create for you. There are many different options to choose from. Please contact TDI’s knowledgeable Sales Team for further details. 

TDI’s Custom Packaging Capabilities!

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