Can Liners That ‘Talk Trash’

By October 23, 2022Can Liners
image of 4 trash containers with can liners

Can Liners That ‘Talk Trash’

You see them everywhere: those plain-looking, hefty bags that fit inside a garbage container. Once filled to the top, can liners need to be replaced to keep the area clean. 

It’s important to get the right trash bag that fits and is strong enough, otherwise you might end up with surprises. So what is it that you need to look out for?

image of a trash bag also known as a can linerGarbage Bags

Common can liners hold discarded items, to prevent the spread of disease and bacteria. Also, they are supposed to keep insects like ants or flies away from litter.

Especially during the holidays, we accumulate more trash due to food leftovers, gift wrapping, and decorations. 

What To Look For In Can Liners

It’s recommended to have enough can liners on hand, especially right now. Following are important pointers to look out for when sourcing garbage bags.

Sizeimage of a garbage can with a clear can liner

Obviously, you need a fitted bag: one that’s not too small nor too large. Besides, an oversized liner will only cost you more, because more material goes into it.

Please feel free to ask us for guidance with figuring out the proper measurements. >>


Depending on the application, heavy gauge will add more strength to a can liner. You find them in industries such as construction, because of the rugged uses.

when trash bags are flimsy


Also, can liners need to have enough flexibility to hold uneven items without ripping apart. Linear low density polyethylene adds elasticity and high impact strength, so your bags won’t rip easily. 

And not to mention strong seals. They are at least as important as strong material to prevent accidents.

US Quality

While prices of international suppliers might be hard to beat, it’s still best to purchase US-made products. Just to make sure you get the quality and service you are looking for. And at the same time, you support the local economy.

Are They Eco-Friendly?

As you probably know, plastic is a lightweight material, that takes less energy to produce. And since it’s so light, it saves on fuel during transportation and on valuable storage space. Also, it can be recycled to be reprocessed into a brand-new product.

image of blue and clear can liners on a rollCan Liners From TDI

TDI’s can liners usually come as Bags on Rolls. That way, each trash bag is easily available by simply tearing it off along the perforated edge. 

Sometimes you may opt for individual trash bags, that come flat-stacked in a box. Because they are more labor-intensive, the cost is slightly higher. 


image of a garbage container to hold a can linerAs an expert in custom packaging, TDI offers additional options such as color tint, gusset, print and much more. Whatever you choose, we will make sure that you get a quality product.

So don’t wait too long to contact us, just to make sure you have enough can liners available, especially during the holidays! >>

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