Why Use Centerfold Sheeting?

By July 18, 2022Centerfold
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What is Centerfold Sheeting?

In basic terms; centerfold or c-fold sheeting is poly film that is folded over, usually in half. Once folded, it is wound up on a roll for easy access.

However, there is a distinction between single-wound and centerfold. While single-wound has only one layer of flat film, centerfold has two layers simply because of the fold. 

When to Use C-Fold Sheeting?

image of blue centerfold sheeting folded over on one side

For Various Shapes and Size

When we’re bagging products, one sized bag does not fit items that have different shapes or sizes. That’s when you need centerfold film, because it allows you to create custom-fit bags in-house.

By simply using a sealer, the bagger determines the width and length that fits best.


Benefits of Centerfold Sheeting

Less Storage Space

C-Fold sheeting takes up less storage space, since it is flat and comes tightly packed on a roll.


Also, it is an economical way to package your own products.

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Uses for Poly Centerfold Sheeting

Baggers at retail stores, packing houses, or industrial companies, for example, all benefit from centerfold.  

It’s great for any business looking to create their bags at their own location.

Recycle Recycle Recycle

Unless certain materials were added, poly sheeting is recyclable. 

RecycleCoach.com listed some useful tips for consumers here – “All About Plastic Film Recycling” >>>

Centerfold Sheeting from TDI

image of a roll of centerfold sheetingHere at TDI, we continuously look for ways to increase your efficiency. If centerfold is the right solution, we are more than happy to give you a quote.

TDI Custom Packaging only uses the highest quality film. With our unique manufacturing capabilities, we offer many options related to length, width, print, and more.  

Other Capabilities

Besides C-fold, TDI produces an array of other custom packaging solutions to fit your needs. Our highly specialized team manufactures poly bags, tubing, and other flexible poly products.image of a line card from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

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TDI Custom Packaging has set itself apart in a competitive market. Not only do we accept lower minimum orders, but we oftentimes have shorter lead times as well. And this, while maintaining the superior quality that you deserve. 

Our friendly sales staff is available to answer your questions, with the level of service that you will easily get accustomed to. 

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