Beat the Heat with Plant Bags

By June 5, 2022Plant Bags

Why do plant bags from TDI give nurseries a chance to “beat the heat?” What are the benefits that make these smart grow bags such a great solution?

image of a male person working in the fieldToday’s Challenges

Persistent drought and warmer temperatures make it harder to find ground water that is now much deeper, while many reservoirs are running on empty. 

Also, a shortage of essential supplies such as gasoline make the situation more challenging. And to top it off, high inflation along with rising labor costs add to the hardship.

Marketplace: California’s drought is severing farmers and threatening food prices” >>>

How Nurseries Deal

Some growers dig deeper wells to tap into receding ground water, while others pay high prices for water deliveries, provided it is available.

In some cases, farmers keep their fields empty. However, that can cause a huge loss. And what about their staff?


Wired: “A Farmer’s Quest to Beat California’s Waves if Drought and Deluge” >>>

How to Beat the Heat with Plant Bags

With TDI’s plant bags, growers have a much better chance to succeed. Here’s what our nursery partners say about some of their benefits.

image of TDI's nursery plant bags in cratesThe UV-material keeps plants moist longer.

“TDI’s grow bags keep plants moist longer, so they use less water. So, the water bill is a lot lower. Can you imagine the amount of savings for a nursery that needs thousands of them over time?”



image of plant bags from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.TDI’s plant bags are more economical.

“Each potted plant in rigid plastic containers costs almost 2-3 times more than TDI’s filled plant grow bags. Can you imagine the amount of savings for a nursery that needs thousands of them?” 

Roots will pull water deeper with longer plant bags.

image of a plant bag from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

Longer, taller bags encourage roots to grow deeper than usual. This is a benefit because once planted in the ground and if they aren’t watered, for instance, the roots can continue to pull water from the ground.” 

California drought updates from: >>>



A Win-Win with Plastic Grow Bags

No hard-working farmer deserves to experience major set-backs. So take control of what you CAN control and chose the most beneficial solution for your farm with plant bags:

  • UV-resistant material that retains moist longerimage of coins stacked up and little seedlings growing out of them
  • low cost, energy-efficient grow bags
  • made by a quality supplier that you can trust
  • plant bags that grow strong, healthy plant

TDI Custom Packaging is a local manufacturer, offering lower minimum orders with faster turnaround times. Now bundle all these benefits to create a win-win for your operations.

TDI’s Plant Bags

image of trees in plant bags from TDI Custom PackagingOur plant grow bags are made of lightweight, sturdy plastic that will do the job, even during hot summer days. They are UV-resistant, and depending on the color, will keep your plants cooler for a longer period of time.

Our flexible plant containers are usually recyclable and reusable. So nurseries can use them during another planting season, providing significant savings over time.

TDI cares about the success of your business, so you have a higher chance to ‘beat the heat’ with a flourishing nursery. We are here to help you with a free consultation today!

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