A Small But Mighty Manufacturer

By March 29, 2021Manufacturer

With more than 45 years of successful business, TDI has proven to be ‘a small but mighty’ manufacturer. It hasn’t always been easy for TDI Custom Packaging, as a family-run company, to compete against the large corporations that dominate the plastic packaging market.

But being different has given us a competitive edge. Because TDI fills the gap in the areas where the big manufacturers can’t fulfill their demands. And it is this unique set of capabilities that gives TDI a clear advantage in a niche market.

The Strength of a Small Manufacturer

It all started in 1974 when Anthony Deniger founded TDI Custom Packaging. At that time we were one of the first polyethylene film and bag extruders in Southern California. As a pioneer in the flexible packaging sector, TDI soon became a strong contender.

Now decades later, TDI continues to be a solid family business providing its clients with superior quality and service that’s hard to find elsewhere. 

We Do What The Big Ones Don’t

Being small in size doesn’t mean that we do less. On the contrary, TDI actually does more with less while we offer special advantages to our partners.Icons for benefits with a small manufacturer As a manufacturer of plastic bags and film, our clients benefit from faster delivery times, lower minimum order requirements, and super attentive service from a great group of people.

A High Level of Care

The service we give is unsurpassable. You will get one-on-one personalized service from someone you will get to know. Our friendly team listens attentively while we treat you as one of ours.

Consistent Quality

At TDI, you can count on receiving quality products and excellent service. And in those rare cases that it’s not good enough, we will fix it. Period.

Image of spiderman to show that a small manufacturer can be mighty

A Unique Approach

Our team treats every new order of custom poly film as a unique one. Because we understand the meaning of “one size does not fit all.”

High Agility

TDI is more agile and flexible than most other large entities since we are not a bureaucratic organization. It allows us to act faster than most to produce the best solution for you. Because we know you need it sooner rather than later.

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TDI – Trust, Determination, and Integrity

Our family culture is built on values of Trust, Determination, and Integrity. We are a team of honest, hard-working people that share the same vision.

Team TDI gives our partners the utmost respect, so they know they can trust us. At the same time, we look for a win-win situation for all parties involved. Because we know that’s the right thing to do.image of hanging spiderman to show our service level

A manufacturer that Goes the Extra Mile

Sometimes it takes extra painstaking efforts to get the desired result. You can rest assured that our family will go to great heights for you.

Also, we believe in fairness. Even though it might mean we have to give up a few dollars, in those rare cases.  Because we care about you.

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Personal Assistance

Nothing compares to the one-on-one personal service you will get from team TDI. No more transfers to multiple staff members you don’t even recognize. You will only talk to the people you know.

And then there’s TDI’s special attention to detail. You will receive the full attention you deserve. Because your success is our success.

A Manufacturer with a Competitive Edgepoly film manufacturing plant

If you’re looking for excellent quality and service, TDI is your ticket to success. The unique benefits you will receive here are hard to beat.

So, to check out your custom plastic packaging options, please contact us today and get your free quote for custom poly bags or film. You will be glad you did!

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